Sunday, February 8, 2009


do you know or ever heard anyone use "cherry" as a n adj. ? It steams my carrots, what a dumb word to be used for something positive

See, stinky hipsters do dumb things which is only explained by thier ignorance ur attempts to be ignorantly characterize by bein stupid. One little dip musta thought that one up insteada doin his homework, prolly took him all year, and he came up with a fruit, what a loosy mind that kid had and how the other loosy minded twerps caught onto it.

Why Cherry I mean ther's like at least 100 different fruits out there to think of, like papaya, "DATS SO DAMM PAPAYA GEE" or pear, pinapple, kiwi, the list is insane, but whom ever decided the most appropriat coice was a garbagy generic fruit, whats good uses fer cherries? Shirly temples and Roy Rogers?, blowin up a frog?, Eatin when yer strapped fer cash and scoutin the grocery store fer loose produce?

Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy...

Well, look at the positives, better than "TIGHT" or "PHAT", and its finally time someone chose a fruit to be used in common slang

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