Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Dollar

yes Americas finest, the root of all evil, what ever you call it were slaves to it

The dollar never seems to actually get you anywhere these days. Not that it ever did and not in the sense like some old fart saying something like a Coke and a Charlstonchew was 7 cents or something other worldly.
When ever I watch the tube there are at least one million ads fer dollar items you can buy at fast food joints and even fine resturants

Yet it isn't really a dollar, usually its more than just one dollar an item on a dollar menu, and even if it is a dollar or rather "99 cents" with tax its still more than a buck. I don't go to fast food places much if at all anyway, the garbage they try selling you isn't even worth yer 99 cents plus tax

Some people I know how ever are about as frugal as they come and are always pissing and moaning about stuff like how everything cost a million times more than they make ever and how they barely live, not counting the fact that most of there meals mommy makes for them and their income is 99% alowance and 1% pennies they fnd on the ground, and these are grown men not little kids, real sheletered assholes really, any way Im getting at that you probablly can by a better cold lunch at your local market than at a fast food dump.

I do all the time, I just by a friut, pop, and maybe a little something else, thats like 2 and a half dollars compared to like 8 bucks at some fat house on the main roads

I crap out more appetizing things than that

Also I was thinking about Inflation of the dollar, is the dollar really even worth the paper its printed on? I mean all the war's cost and that government bailout nonsense has to have made the dollar worth a fraction of its actual value right?

I hope we don't have to print like Billion dollar bills now like they do in Zimbabwe and the Philipines

It seems that 'ul happen in my time, but I hope I will have some kind of job that pays well so I wouldn't have to worry about that. Yet damn, adding like 6 zeros onto the dollar, what a country

Another thing can any one even recognize the presidents, or almost presidents on the bills?

Washington's easy

Sos Lincolin, and Ben Franklin
But whose this guy of that guy? couldn't say from memory I had to lookem up

Andrew Jackson

Ulysses Grant

Grover Cleveland

Alexander Hamilton

I found this one, its a 10000 dollar bill with some guy named Salmon P. Chase, he was a good tresurer and justice or something, thats why he is printed on the bill, never read about him in history class. Also this bill isn't street legal, only banks can have this bill or multiple bill and trade it with other banks.

I didn't know more than half of those people, I guess we truely are dumb peopleto forget presidents, its not like were in a country where the president gets shot dead every month so they have to get a knew one.

If they ever print a million or billion or some outragous bill he'll probablly be on it

Monday, February 9, 2009

For the people

I will begin posting about interesting things, like my drawins and such

heres one

Sunday, February 8, 2009


do you know or ever heard anyone use "cherry" as a n adj. ? It steams my carrots, what a dumb word to be used for something positive

See, stinky hipsters do dumb things which is only explained by thier ignorance ur attempts to be ignorantly characterize by bein stupid. One little dip musta thought that one up insteada doin his homework, prolly took him all year, and he came up with a fruit, what a loosy mind that kid had and how the other loosy minded twerps caught onto it.

Why Cherry I mean ther's like at least 100 different fruits out there to think of, like papaya, "DATS SO DAMM PAPAYA GEE" or pear, pinapple, kiwi, the list is insane, but whom ever decided the most appropriat coice was a garbagy generic fruit, whats good uses fer cherries? Shirly temples and Roy Rogers?, blowin up a frog?, Eatin when yer strapped fer cash and scoutin the grocery store fer loose produce?

Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy...

Well, look at the positives, better than "TIGHT" or "PHAT", and its finally time someone chose a fruit to be used in common slang

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Heres Mi picture for John K. Critique post deal, hes a swell guy for takin time to critique peoples drawings

First time bloggin

Im Needles G. neatest guy In Albuquerque
I''l be the next great guy in a handful of greatness
I also like funk

Until Next Time

Needham P. Goodman