Saturday, November 21, 2009

Themrock live show

Not really important but... I finally saw a Themrock live digital painting, albeit the lag the thing was great to see.

You got to chat with him and see everything he was doing, maybe even pick up some techniques if you pay attention well. The experience was different than I expected, it was like 3 hours and he talked and you typed, mostly people just started talking about unrelated stuff but then they got pulled into his web and were asking to see some of his older work and asking him to show the differences from his traditional and digital works. I never realized how much he does, he puts in so much effort into just finding a texture for the background, the color combining in his painting and how he adjusts line weight. It was all amazing except for the official boring part where he was going in between with shadows and gradients for a noirish finish, but even then you got to see a lot.

The only thing that wasn't enjoyable was how the footage would lag on occasion and really, lag for minutes it seemed, somethings were wrong with the frame rate and resolution. it was odd to see just tiny pencil lines and then BOOM color and weight all over.

He was funny to interact with, here his opinions and find out his reasons, some of the good things he did were all over his past stuff in old folders on his desk top. Really amazing how he transitioned greatly from just poor attempts at shading to intense masterpieces. also he laughed at what people were typing, he had a sense of humor and he didn't have any real language barrier.

I can't express enough how interesting it was to see him do his work., its something that you really have to see to understand and get. I would post pics but I don't have screen capture and I don't think Themrock would appreciate it. If I find out the url when he posts the image on deviantart, I will link it.