Sunday, July 12, 2009

thoughts on the torch passing at dumm

my friend mr. spumkin at spum-blog has recently written about his opinion over the various positions at dumm comics what have been replaced by newcomers, who have done more or less an adequate job, but it feels lacking compared to the previous spots filled

first off, in more ways than one, was the nautical comic of "Through the Porthole" by Sean Szeles who originally had the tuesday spot. Im can not recall the exact reason why he had to disband but Im assuming it was for irl work reasons. His absence set a preface for others in the future who would leave

His comic was one of my favorites, but it had to end I suppose. then his empty space was then the first of many replacements when it was filled by the comic "Sorry Guys" by David Gemmil which begins the conflict.

Sorry guys is decent comic, it has good moments and disappointing moments. Some of the best were his "Snakerz" comic or his most recent comic about finding a lost dog. However some of his pun humor seems to fall through though.

not his best work, only one with an easy url to take

his drawing style emphasizes character's form beautifully, and he has great skill at constructing poses and interactions between forms. He really makes the posing in his drawing the most integral part, however he is not so skilled in placing characters into an environment and forming the environment around them, most of his BG are flat, but in some comics they have significantly more depth and emphasis his characters and humor. Overall I believe him to be a good replacement for Szeles, but despite his minor faults I think he will develop past them.

The next replacement seems lacking in explanation. The weekend position, which was evidently the least rated position, had been a bazaar of various comics and artist. Some were awful in my opinion such as "Overbite" and various Deckter comics, but that was the beauty of the position because it was completely independent and was different every time so you wouldn't have to suffer through a rotten comic the same time every week, some comic such as "Douglas Leather" and "Dr.Scoops" showed potential to become fan favorites. its an acquired taste, like early milt gross

yet for no apparent reason it was scraped and replaced by "Frog" Raccoon Strawberry" which Is one of the most unfortunate thing to cross my path. Im confounded as to why that took place but I will get to that later. I have never appreciated Kyle Carozza or his characters. He has a very off putting wonky style which puts too much emphasis on minor details that subtract from the whole picture, rather comic. His humor is especially bland ranging from cheap stabs at pop culture and outdated self referential and ironic minimalistic meta humor. His position is very unsavory as a caper for the week, so I have not visited on the weekends now for that reason.
yes and old meme, wonkyfag

Lastly the artist Fred Osmond had previously, like most dumm artists, been bogged down by his outside work and which had apparently escalated to the point where he could not make anymore comics and had to end his comic "Earthward-Ho" abruptly. Its depressing to see a Leviathan story like Earthward-Ho be cut so short, but Fred Osmond has said that "Even though this is the end of the Earthward-Ho! story, this is not the end of the strip. I plan on coming back to Dumm Comics from time to time to do guest strips. There are a few back stories I’d still like to tell with the characters and in particular, Pea Zoup’s rise to power. So count on that." he also has mentioned short animations in the time coming so it is nice to know that we will see him reappear occasionally
good times

his replacement, who I assume is just a temporary dramatic temp, is Yergabick Boleander who with is anti humor comic "Rumpus McSnivel." Yergabick being an occasional pain in the neck has shown his mug and horrible comics causing chaos and catastrophe in every wake. some of his horrible antics have included trying to marry attractive caricaturist Marlo Meekins, trying to green light a cartoon about pig feces in junior high to Cartoon Network, "hacking" into the dumm web page, and suing Disney for the rights to Donald Duck. His bad influence seems to abhor all dumm visitors and patrons alike and the community has been encouraged to send Yergabick things from loli porn to giant Num text middle fingers, although he would rather enjoy those things rather then a rise gotten from them. But Yergabick's conflict is only just a small part of dumm drama which should be not hated but enjoyed. besides his comics are funny, but for all the wrong reasons.

As I have stated above I am puzzled as to why Carrozza has been given the weekend position, there is no true apparent reason, but possibly the webmasters have gotten tiered of scheduling guest comics so they just homogenized the position. Im not exactly sure they had time to pick these people with more reasoning, all the people who disbanded left on generally short notice so I can only assume the people in charge were scrambling to fill the position on time. I can't say they made any bad decisions, but I guess they could have made better ones too, either way if your upset your only going to have to sulk alone and spread your malcontent on the web; if your happy, fantastic, share your elation with all your chums. But it's not going to change a thing, yet its nice to hear your own voice spread right?

edit: for some reason only like a quarter of the pictures I put up are showing, I will fix it later